This selection represents books that I often revisit.  There are many more that I could post and I may add them at a later date.  I have not included books on individual painters' work such as Titian, Rembrandt, Nerdrum, and others.  Nor have I included instructional books. The selection above has more to do with my interest and study of works throughout the Classic and Barouque periods and the momentum they continue to have into our time.

I hope what is here may be of help for anyone with similar interests. I can remember a younger version of myself thinking he was completely alone wishing he had just one tiny clue that he might find his way.

Due to the fact that the internet is in constant change, I will provide only a list of titles in the order of the images above.  It is up to the individual to seek these titles out if he wishes to obtain them.

ARISTOTLE'S POETICS Translation and Analysis by Kenneth Teleford -------One of my essentials.

ON KITSCH by Odd Nerdrum-------Another one of my essentials.  I have a few books on Kitch, but this is a personal, relative, and current account of the system.

LEONARDO ON PAINTING Edited by Martin Kemp-------a very nice compilation of DaVinci's writing on paiting.  Another essential of mine.

CLASSIC ART by Wofflin ------Wofflin does a great job analysing Classic and Baroque work.

THE PAINTER'S SECRET GEOMETRY by Charles Bouleau -------if you are interested in composition on a level that is seldom taught anywhere.

ART THEMES AND VARIATIONS by K.E. Maison -------I think this is a book many modern art thinkers would like to see disappear.

BEAUTY by Roger Scruton -------There are some interseting ideas presented here and I am glad to see the idea of beauty valued.

REMBRANDT THE PAINTER AT WORK by Ernst Van Der Wetering --------An in depth analysis of Rembrandt's materials.

REMBRANDT THE PAINTER THINKING by Ernst Van Der Wetering --------An honrable attempt to put the painter and his work into the context of his time.

ART IN THE MAKING: REMBRANDT (NEW EDITION) by Bomford, Kirby, Roy, Ruger, White------- A lot is taken from Wetering, but is has nice plates.

THE TREASURES OF REMBRANDT by Michiel Roscan Abbing ------- I like seeing the actual documents reproduced.  Very nice visuals.

THE PAINTERS MANUAL by Albrecht Durer -------I particularly like the compass exercises.  

PRICIPLES OF ART HISTORY by Wofflin -------Wofflin analyzes works in history like no one else.

ART AND THE SPIRIT OF MAN by Rene Huyghe -------Seemingly much like Wofflin's work, however very enjoyable read and thought provoking.

LE SIECLE DE TITIEN -Exposition Catalgue, Paris 1993. -------the great Titian and the painters that worked like him.  Although in french, the plates are nice.

PAINTING OF THE BAROQUE by andres Prater and Herman Bauer-------Baroque painters.

THE NUDE by Kenneth Clark -------just may deepen one's understanding of the nude figure.